Looking To Collect A First Generation Acura NSX?

nsx_001_300pxThis week we’ve been hearing quite a bit about the new 2017 NSX so it got us thinking…what does the 2016 collector market look like for the first generation NSX?

Prices are high and inventory is low.

Performing a Craigslist search within 500 miles of Tampa, FL we found a scant two listings for NSX’s of which only one was still for sale. The same search on Autotrader yielded 11 results ranging in price from $36,990 for a ’92 with 142k miles on the odometer to $90,000 for a ’95 with just 14k miles on it’s clock. So currently in the south eastern United States the average going price for a first generation NSX is an impressive $63,495 or roughly the same amount one might pickup a late model GT-R for. Not bad for a beautifully designed 13+ year-old 90’s techno-marvel expertly crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. An automotive wunderkind who was woefully under-powered when it was first released and doubly so now. But still… what child of the 90’s didn’t grow up wanting one? Remember the NSX Files? Good times, from a time when no one knew what a blog was.