Mobile, agile and most certainly hostile there is nothing not to love about this very purpose-built S13 240SX racecar.

Even when you’re out there on the track, battling for a key title, people will still want to know whether your machines is the kind that crosses breeds when mixing parts or not. Well, the drift car we want to show you today belongs to the category that stays faitfull to its factory brand. We’re talking about a Nissan 240SX that comes with an R35 GT-R heart.

This S13 Silvia (240SX) has borrowed Godzilla’s twin-turbo V6, but that was far from enough, since the vehicle is competing in the King Of Europe sideways championship. As a result, the engine was seriously massaged and can now deliver up to 1,000 hp. Spoiler alert – you can tell this Silvia has a special heart just by looking at its hood, which struggles when it comes to concealing all the go-fast bits underneath it.

While the ending was mounted as far backwards as possible, the tight packaging means the V6 doesn’t sit all that low withing the engine compartment. In fact, the engine bay looks a bit like a Christmas Tree decorated with performance parts, all stuffed inside one of the gift packages that were supposed to sit under the tree.

The piece of footage below sees the car performing in 800 hp trim, with the vehicle being manhandled by Italian slip angle specialist Francesco Conti. We can see the Nissan’s clean stunts on Italy’s Varano de’ Melegari track. And important part of the credit goes to the extreme diet the 200SX has been put on.

As you’ll be able to notice in the clip, the interior has been stripped out in the obvious racing style, but proofing materials (such as Dynamat, for example) are still used to cover the transmission tunnel, for instance. The cabin is packed with parts whose job is to keep weight at a minimum, with the door straps being one of our favorite.