Lamborghini Centenario Is Forza’s Next Cover Feature

That’ll make Lamborghini, by our account, the only manufacturer to be featured twice in the series so far.

turn_10The creatives at Turn 10 Studios must have had a heck of a time choosing which newsupercar would feature on the cover of the next installment in the Forza franchise. We saw an unsurpassed array of exotic machinery, after all, unveiled last month alone at the Geneva Motor Show, but in the end it’s the Lamborghini Centenario that got the nod.

So how do we pronounce that?  cen-te-na-rio

The exclusive supercar marks the 100th anniversary of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth, and stands as “the most powerful Lamborghini produced to date,” in the words of the company’s own R&D chief Maurizio Reggiani. Unfortunately only 40 examples will ever be made – 20 coupes and 20 convertibles – and they’ve all been sold for the equivalent of nearly $2 million apiece.

It will hit the small screen in the next Forza game before any of those extremely fortunate customers have theirs delivered in real life. Microsoft will reveal the new game at E3 in June, but for now we don’t even know what it will be called. Forza Motorsport 7? Forza Horizon 3? Something else entirely? We’ll have to wait to find out, but the Centenario will definitely be on the cover.

This won’t be the first time that a Lamborghini has graced the cover of a Forza game. The Huracan appeared on the cover of Forza Horizon 2. Previous cover cars have included the Ford GT, McLaren P1, Dodge Viper, Ferrari 458 Italia, and Audi R8. That’ll make the Raging Bull marque, by our account, the only to be featured twice in the series.