Viper ACR Shoots To Go Out On Top At Nürburgring

A Gofundme account supported by passionate Viper fans and enthusiasts has raised enough money to givie the legendary snake a proper farewell.

Going out on top is the wish of any athlete, and a dedicated group of Viper fans are giving the snake a proper farewell. FCA has announced that production of the Viper will end in August. The dedicated crew at the Connor Avenue Assembly Plant have built a world-class sports car. But the plant doesn’t have a paint shop. Keeping up with paint technology is expensive for automakers, which is why Prefix Automotive has hand painted every Viper panel for years. Each panel is sanded, painted, cleared, and buffed in a state-of-the-art facility in Auburn Hills before traveling down the road to meet the assembly plant. Prefix is not about volume, but their goal is to produce show quality cars in limited numbers. That’s why the film industry and many of the big manufacturers turn to them for movie cars and concept builds.

With so much of their business centered around Viper culture, they spearheaded a crowdfunding campaign for a trip to the ‘Ring. Aiming for a new track record, the Viper ACR Extreme has backing from Kumho Tire USA, The Viper Exchange, BJ Motors, and Viper owners around the world. The list of supporters has been hand painted on two white Viper ACR Extremes with blue stripes. “Prefix has a long history with the Viper and with the many Viper club members around the world.” explained Prefix Sales & Marketing Director, Jhan Dolphin. “This is a huge challenge, but regardless of the outcome, supporting this effort is a great way to celebrate the car and our passionate friends who drive them.” Transporting cars and a support team from Detroit to Germany might seem easy for the factory teams, but we can’t imagine the logistics of this. Godspeed to Team Prefix, bring the record home with you.