Ford ‘Hoonifox’ Fox-Body Drift Machine

New Batmobile Designer Creates Fox-Body Mustang Hoonicorn for Ken Block!

Ken Block looks to be trading in his wild Hoonicorn for the Hoonifox in the future. This aggressive re-imagining of the classic Fox-Body Ford Mustang makes its premiere in renderings in a new video from Block. The machine doesn’t exist in the real world yet, but the Gymkhana star appears serious about building it once that’s possible.

Block said the inspiration for the Hoonifox was to do Miami Vice-inspired video in a white Lamborghini Countach but with a Mustang instead of a Lambo. He worked with designer Ash Thorp to come up with the shape. Thorp is also the person responsible for the muscle-car-inspired look of the new Batmobile for the upcoming film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight.

Hoonifox Designer Ash Thorp:
Livery design by Death Spray Custom: