Modded Toyota Supra vs BMW M4 Drag Race

Can BMW's distant Japanese cousin take on a serious M car?

Who doesn’t love a good drag race? More importantly, who doesn’t like a good drag race between two distinctly different cars? Okay, so maybe they’re not so distinctly different underneath their vastly different exteriors, but the Toyota Supra still has a lot going for it (all “It’s a BMW” jokes aside). Now normally the Toyota Supra wouldn’t even dare to pull up to the starting line against a BMW M4, but the Supra has neat tricks up its sleeve. When stacked against the BMW M4, the Z4’s distant cousin is normally down on horses and torque by almost 100 and 37 pound-feet respectively, but the Toyota Supra in this video is no longer stock. Of course, leave it up to Mat Watson and his carwow team to put

This particular Toyota Supra comes with a neat bunch of upgrades that consist of a downpipe, air intake, exhaust system, and an ECU tune courtesy of the guys over at Evolve tuning. These Evolve guys have been specializing in BMWs for many years, and, well, the Supra is more BMW than many would like to admit. This whole bunch of upgrades brings the total horsepower figure to 440 with 500 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers trump the BMW M4’s 431-ish (in truth BMW likes to give conservative numbers) horses and 406 pound-feet of torque. The Supra is also lighter, weighing in at 3,461 pounds, and the M4 slightly heavier at 3,646 pounds. So, in theory, this upgraded Supra should be faster, brake better, and basically mop the floor with the M4, right?

Let’s just say that things aren’t as obvious as they would seem, and both cars put up a good fight until the end. We do have to admit that the Supra sounds awesome with that aftermarket exhaust, but I personally might lean towards the extra practicality of the M4.