Clever Acura NSX Enthusiast Redefines Bringing A Trailer

In a recent interview with Motor Trend, owner Chris Cut reveals that the trailer was built from a 1991 NSX that was totaled twice.

It’s a privilege to own the groundbreaking Acura NSX. Over the last couple of years, the value of the first-generation NSX’s has skyrocketed which is forcing many of them to sit in garages collecting dust. Luckily some owners still use their NSXs often, take for example Chris Cut. He’s taken his NSX on cross-country camping trips and recently built a small trailer for it to pull. This new trailer is built from another NSX, so Chris owns 1.5 NSXs which makes him very cool.

Now building a trailer out of an NSX means that Chris had to hack up this revered Japanese supercar, which is blasphemy in the car world. Chris didn’t start this project with a mint NSX, in fact, the donor car was totaled twice. This meant even if it was repaired, this beat-up NSX could never be registered as a road-legal car. Thankfully Chris was there to give this destroyed NSX a second lease at life, making it one of the most famous NSX’s on the internet in the process.

Chris utilizes this new trailer to make his NSX camper even more convenient. The trailer has its own rooftop tent and is home to most of his belongings during long trips. Chris even plans to add a trailer hitch to his Honda S2000 so he can use this trailer to haul tires to the race track during track day events.

To make this NSX trailer road legal Chris had to sort out the lighting and add additional side markers to comply with DMV regulations. Chris also wanted to make sure the trailer matched his car as much as possible this includes the same wheels, paint color, and carbon fiber accents.

The final build is the epitome of what the NSX was meant to be, a supercar you can drive every day. Chris’s NSX build honors the desire of the NSX’s designers who wanted their cars to be driven, and we look forward to following his adventures.

Source: NSXTRA via Motortrend