Photo of the Week #32 – 1968 Marcos 1600 GT

The car was out of production from 1972 until 1981, when small scale kit production recommenced.

The GT was produced by Marcos Engineering in Britain and offered intermittently between 1964 and 1990. The car featured a fiberglass body over a monocoque chassis incorporating nearly 400 pieces of plywood, with a resulting curb weight of approximately 1,800 pounds. This example has been fitted with a replacement body that was sourced from Marcos Engineering, Ltd. and painted in a Lotus orange.

The Marcos GT is the name used by the British firm Marcos Engineering Ltd for all of their cars until the introduction of the Mantis in 1970. Most commonly, the name is used to describe the very low coupé designed by brothers Dennis and Peter Adams.

The car was first introduced as the Marcos 1800 in 1964, with a wooden chassis and a Volvo P1800 engine. Later models had a steel chassis and commonly Ford engines although others were also available. The majority of these sports cars were sold in kit form.

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