Model Monday with Inessa Chimato

Ukranian born southern California resident Inessa Chimato has built an impressive modeling career

Ukrainian-born, Inessa Chimato has embraced American culture and built a successful modeling career in her adopted Southern California home. Possessing a versatile beauty that lends itself well to many different types of projects, Inessa has found success in both runway, catalog, print, promo, video, and commercial work.





Originally from Ukraine, American at heart, Life loving enthusiast I always knew what made me the happiest. Coming from a background with limited possibilities, I have learned to see that this is a world where everything is possible as long as you want it with all of your heart. Being in front of the camera is my true passion, something that expands my whole being and lets me shine, and helps me be who I am today.”

“I have been modeling for over 9 years and tried it all: have experience in runway, catalog, print, promo, music videos, commercials, and acting. I do specialize in swimsuit/lingerie, but I’m so much more. 😉 I speak some French and am fluent in Russian/Ukrainian. I’m an advanced yoga practitioner and have a background in dancing. I also have some improv experience.” – Inessa Chimato