Photo of the Week #29 – 2005 Morgan Aero 8 Series 4

If you like modern performance with a retro pedigree and timeless low-slung good looks, Morgan has you covered.

2005 Morgan Aero 8 Series 4 – Download 1920×1080

If you like your modern cars to have a retro flavor, then Morgan cars are for you. Founded in 1909, the Morgan company handcrafts its cars primarily from ash, aluminum, and leather. This 2005 Morgan Aero 8 is powered by a 4.4-liter BMW V8 paired with a six-speed manual transmission and finished in metallic silver over blue leather.

Version 4 of the Morgan Aero 8 has seen the 3rd new engine in the life of the vehicle; the BMW 4.4 V8 has been replaced with the BMW 4.8 V8 (N62B48) with 362 bhp (270kW) and 370 lb/ft of torque. While heavier BMW saloons were unable to meet emissions regulations with the 4.8l V8 the lighter Aero did meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. BMW produced a short run of engines on a prototype line for Morgan.

A first for the Aero 8 also comes in the form of an optional automatic transmission; Morgan state: – ZFs 6 HP26 six-speed gives even better performance than a manual gearbox due to its special lock-up clutch, low power loss design, and instant change characteristic. The automatic is used either as a full automatic for more relaxed driving or in sport manual mode when the bespoke gear lever will hold the engine revs up to the maximum in each gear, increase change speed and blip the throttle to smooth down changes.

In addition to these technical changes, a repositioned fuel tank (to improve the weight distribution), revised instrumentation (from cream dials with blue numerals to black with white), an increase in luggage space, revised air vents, a move to a conventional handbrake lever and air intakes and exits on the front wings distinguish the Series 4 Aero 8 from previous models.