Down Shift Magazine – Issue 001, December 2003

Founded in 2003, Down Shift Magazine is the realization of a dream conceived by a group of Central Florida college friends, active in the Motorsports community, and eager to develop a creative outlet where they could explore more thoroughly the amazing culture and communities of the modern American automotive enthusiast. An adventure seventeen-plus years in the making, this magazine has been a labor of love that has taken us on countless journeys across America and abroad. We’ve driven everything from race cars and exotics to grocery toters on some of the most hallowed highways and racetracks from coast to coast. Fortunate in our endeavors, we’ve been able to mingle with celebrities, tuners, industry execs, and motorsports luminaries from around the world…but most importantly we’ve all had fun exploring an underlying passion that brought us all together nearly two decades ago and continues to drive us forward. We’re not college students anymore, in fact, most of us have families and careers that pull us in many different directions but we’re still friends, we still love motorsports and we’re still proud to be part of this Down Shift family and adventure.